Time For A Revamp

It’s time for a new look! I’ve been working on this project for a while now, and slowly but surely things are starting to take shape. To start with I’m going with a new name “iNQue” because its time to “Que”  some music! I am going to be performing and writing for several different styles of music. My latest composition “Progressive Excofitation” is in a techno style. The name means “progressive thinking” which to me represents my endeavors with experimenting in new styles of music. I’m trying to think out of the box. I have posted it on soundcloud for a pre-release and  it has already been played in the U.S. and Switzerland within the first 24 hrs of uploading. Check out this link if you would like to hear it before the official release.

The official release for this song is coming up soon so stay tuned!

On another note I recently had to get a new violin. It is amazing! The sound it makes is wonderful and I cant wait to show you guys how it sounds!  My old one had taken me as far as it could, but now it can no longer stand up to the rigors of the everyday playing. For now I can provide you with a picture of what it looks like to give you a little taste 🙂

photo 1

I also have a brand new website! Check out this link to see what it looks like!


It is still a work in progress, but with each passing weekend I am able to chip away at it more and more!

More updates are already in progress and will be out soon! Due to the fact that I am in college I have limited time and resources to work on this stuff so I have been dedicating most of my weekends to developing the new sights and sounds.

For example I can only complete a song when I have access to a Mac, and I don’t own a Mac. I do have limited access to one here at college, but having limited access to them means I can only complete a little at a time. Having access to one that I owned would mean that I could complete my songs much much faster. I currently have at least 6 more songs that I would like to complete. So I am asking you guys if you would be willing to donate to help me get started. A Mac isn’t the only thing that costs money. I have to pay for the new violin as well, all while being in college. If you could donate I would really really really really really really really appreciate it!! Those who do will get a free copy of the album I hope to release once I finish the songs.

Click this link below to be taken to a donation page.

Donate Button

Thanks for reading!!!


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