To Touch a Life

Hello to the new subscribers! Thank you so much for joining! Over the past weekend the word spread, and it spread pretty far. It was seen by over 200 people throughout the US, Canada, Brazil, and Columbia! Thank you so much! Your support has really helped! It really means a lot to me šŸ™‚ Every time a saw a new like or share I was really excited.

Over the weekend we got 40 new subscribers. That got me thinking, I would like to set a goal of 100 new subscribers every two weeks. This past weekend over 40 new subscribers joined, so if we are gonna hit the 100 mark then we need 60 more likes over the next week. My goal is by the end of summer to have 1200 subscribers, and I need your help! We can easily reach this goal!

There will be more posts very soon! I have several already in the works. I have review video I’m working on and I’m gonna feature an artist and a cellist who I am with today in Virginia at Virginia Tech. This past weekend was inspiring for me šŸ™‚ Make sure to hit subscribe and share if you haven’t yet!20140520-124839.jpg



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