First Release!

It’s finally here! The release of my first song! It has been a long time coming due to moving and trying to get banks to talk to each other. This is hopefully the first release of many if this one goes well Please spread the word about this song! I have several more that I am about to start recording, so stay “Qued” for more πŸ™‚

You can listen to the song here

And if you like, it you can buy it here

The Back Story

I started writing this song while I was in class. The class was to teach students how to use Logic Pro. I had already had experience with programs like logic, so I had been putting it off to make time for practicing. It was my junior year, so I was busy trying to prepare for a recital as well as attend eleven classes :/ On this particular day the teacher announced that he wanted to go around and listen to what people had already. It wasn’t due for another 2 and a half weeks! So in a frantic rush I laid 4 tracks in less than ten minutes. Then I spent the rest of the class period polishing those tracks. The teacher never actually got to listen to my song that day……

That was on a Thursday. That same weekend was when I had originally planned to start writing the song, so instead I finished it since I was ahead. The next weekend I spent editing and mixing. I believe that half if not more of the work that is put into a song goes into the editing. This song was a new style for me. I have never written something in a electric/ techno style before. So figuring out which group of instruments to use was interesting. Mixing wasn’t a new thing for me. For me that is the most fun part of the whole process πŸ™‚ My goal in engineering this piece was to make it so that it can be turned up as loud as you want it to be. So turn it Up!

A Short Simple Analysis

I’m a classically trained violinist…… So why techno? Well simply because I don’t want to be limited to one specific style of music. That seems very limiting to be constantly stuck in one genre. But my classical root will still leak out from time to time. In “Electric Endurance” you can hear two main themes. The first is introduced in the bass and the second follows in the upper voices. These two themes remain throughout the piece but with differing variations. It employs things like a cannon, fugue, rhythmic diminution and several more. In one place the melody line is turned upside down. You can hear this a little over half way when everything drops out and just two instruments, guitar and something electronic, solo together with the melody. Also in some places the melody is played along side of the upside down version with the original melody in the bass still going. So in a way you could say it is a three part fugue πŸ™‚

Thank you guys so much for reading! It really means a lot to me πŸ™‚

Please feel free to share or subscribe πŸ™‚


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