A New Case

 So I recently acquired a new violin and it came in a case that was in a rather bad state of disrepair. As a result I put the case in storage and forgot about it, until the inside of my current case started to fall apart. Not wanting to damage my new violin I decided to try to swap the covers of the two cases as my current case cover is in good condition and the old one is not. Unfortunately the covers were different sizes. However, when I took the case cover off of the older case, there was a beautiful wooden body. I decided to try and stain and seal it, then the more I thought about it, the more I thought that it should have a design on it. There were ideas for a Celtic design, a compass, a map, or a quote. Eventually I decided on a map with a compass and a quote. Below is part of the of transformation for the case. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Bottom edge of the case. A strap hook is torn, and the edging is wearing.


The top of the case. More signs of wearing on the edges. Also the music pocket has no working zippers so it just flops around when carrying it.


More busted zippers


What the case looks like without the cover. (I forgot to mention that the inside of this case is in near perfect condition. Only the cover was worn)


Trying to decide what design to put on the case. (The wood still looks the same as the photo above after sanding. The photo below is slightly washed out.)


The compass design. It is on the front top corner of the case so that it appears upright when it is being carried.


A rough idea of what the compass will eventually look like.


My sister helping mask off the closing edges of the case for later staining and sealing.


With the help of my fiancée and my sister, we masked off the world after tracing the outline. We found a simple representation of the globe and printed it out. After we cut out the different continents, we spread them across the case and laid the paper flush so that it matched the curve of the case while it was being traced. This was the most tedious part of the entire project so far. The masking took about three days to be completed.


The staining ended up being put off for quite a while due to the end of the semester approaching. Eventually I got a staining pen and stained the globe. This part went surprisingly fast. The whole process took maybe 15 to 20 mins.


Hoping and praying that the stain didn’t bleed under the tape.


The stain was a little hard to make even on the first pass, so I let it dry before evening it out.


This was the first victim to be stained.


Carefully removing the tape with a tooth pick so that I don’t scratch the case. Only a tiny bit of bleeding! Nothing that cant be easily fixed!


The final result.


So far it has turned out extremely well. Only minor bleeding in a couple of places which can only be seen really close up. The detail turned out really well! I am pretty excited! The only detailed staining I have left to do is the compass and the quote. The rest of the case will be stained in a dark red ish oak, then I will cover it in several coats of polyurethane and it will be done! 🙂


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